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>> dana: three one more things. >> greg: you had three more. three good things. >> bob: number one. >> greg: number one. speaking of number one, me -- no. catch me on greta tonight. i'm on her first block of the show. "red eye" we have ann coulter and gavin mckinnon on. >> bob: can you do something that is not self-promoting? >> greg: no. storm the first day of hanukkah. celebrate a happy holid welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known in bolivia, lily tomlin. and now to andy levy with a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> i thought i was watching "beatle juice" for a second. still coming up, does the man behind gangham -- gan g nan style hate america?
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and why did a man call 911 after breaking into a home? and what happens if we send bill schulz out to an area to learn circus arts? hopeful leahy will learn -- hopefully he will learn something about himself? no, hopefully he will be pull vaw rised and viewed to pieces by a wild pack of dogs. greg? >> thanks. >> are you waring pajama bottoms with that outfit? >> i am not. >> decide to help somebody move and then get a head start? >> what an odd comment from somebody who is wearing basically the same thing. >> no. i have a tie on. you are looking like you would stay at home and watch "love actually." >> i will say goodbye with my giant mug. >> please do. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so sharp she can cut diamonds with her tongue. i am here with ann coulter.
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her latest book is called "mugged" my favorite way to enjoy herbal tea, a great brooke. and she is so british she kneeses double decker buses. it is imogen lloyd webber. three names because she is british and that's what they do. the latest book is called "the twitter diaries" and it is number one on everyone's christmas list. and in iowa huey is considered a tube sock. c's my sidekick, bill schulz. and if fierce commentary was a broken pin ball machine i would bang him until he gave me my courter back. it is gavin mcguinness. and he is the paper you dismyself because of his -- despise because of his lies. good to see you, pinch. >> you are tolerant, mr. pinch. ♪ you're a citizen of the world ♪ ♪ you find righties ♪ too aggressive ♪ and spiting stories more
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aggressive ♪ ♪ happy hanukkah ♪ and winter solstice everybody ♪ am i forgetting any holidays? happy war on christmas, suckers. >> wow, that was beautiful. >> tis the season. >> yes, tis the season. to kill you. >> it has really gone downhill this past week. dut psy want us to die? the pop sensation behind "gangnam style" from most viewed to getting bed for his anti- american past. years ago he said nasty things about our troops. in 2004 a year, after a korean missionary was beheaded, the putrid pop star joined others in a live performance in a song called "dear american" that features psy raping these lyrics and i will bleep
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myself. kill those f-ing yankees torturing captives. kill those f-ing yank keys. kill their daughters and mothers and fatherss in laws and fathers. kill them slow low and painfully. to be fair in korean it sounded lovely. psy is scheduled to perform at a charity concert called christmas in washington on sunday with the president and first family expected to attend. impeachment if you ask me. and surprise, surprise he has now apologized telling mtv news, i have learned there are limits to what language is appropriate and deeply sorry for how these lyrics can be interpreted. i will be forever sorry for any pain i have caused anyone by those words. whatever. some are calling for the christmas concert to replace psy with a performance by spin kitty.
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>> the weird thing is there are photos of spin kitty hanging out with al-qaeda. we can't use that either. all right, where am i? gavin are you shocked that psy ended up being another musician with very, very inflammatory beliefs? >> what a lot of people don't get about korean culture is they see protest as emulating america. they worship us. look at how many christians are over there. they worship a white god. >> i did not know that. >> when they do their protests which they do every day for everything it is because they saw it in the 60s. they say we are protesting! that's what americans do! it is ironic that he was saying screw america. he was trying to be america. >> the weird thing is, if he was talented, but he is not i don't know why anybody would defend him. this must really be a tough day for you. >> ironically they are playing
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"gangnam style" for the detainees at guantanamo. now it is weird it turns out he is now on their side. at least he apologized and i'm sure it will be accepted in america. if instead of attacking american troops and the american military he has been raping against gay marriage there would be no forgiveness. >> fair point. imogen should psy be dropped from the concert and should the obamas not attend if he is not dropped, and should they be impeached either way? >> in this context you are absolutely right. it was democracy in the late 80s and now they go over the top with protest. as far as the iraq thing goes it was controversial and all-around the world, let's face it. there was another protest as well that he was having a go about -- sorry i am losing -- i was talking to hannity this
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evening. >> the point being who can hate somebody who told the new york times his favorite hobby was drinking and knocked justin bieber off youtube? he is not that bad. >> he does his own choreography. >> this is my point, anti-americannism is fashion. he is a dirt bag, let's admit it. >> he was covered in gold paint and in a tank -- >> you can be the fashion around the world is being anti-american. >> that's because the u.s. military had driven over two 14-year-old south korean girls. they were not punished. >> well they went through the proper proceedings. >> and they got away with it. >> it was an accident. >> what should happen, they should go to jail? they are driving through these tiny roads and the kids scurry out from behind a mountain and sorry. >> it was a big thing in south korea at the time. he is harmless. >> and he does his own choreography. >> what drives me nuts is the
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only reason general mcarthur stayed there is he had an asian lover joe -- jojo or poo-poo. he was soy name mored and the sex was so intense he stayed there. i don't know, i will save this country. and now they worship us. we have to defend them every time they -- >> have i no idea if this is true. >> it is true. look it up. >> andy, i don't even know if you have time right now to figure out if that is true. but in the meantime let's go to bill. i will pretend to care what you think about this story if you actually say something interesting. >> yes. really that angry and actually it is psy. i am the young one who is hit. >> i think they are changing it to msnbc. >> they could use some more asians, anne. that is cogent. >> it is pronounced cogent. joy if we are that upset get the f out of there.
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we have been there since 1953. our troops can be better served somewhere else. do you know that we still have troops in germany? last i checked that war ended three years ago. we don't need them there anymore. leave, leave, leave. >> three years ago. >> i know my history. >> you do. let's be honest here. this is not an uh anomaly. somebody tell me what anomaly means. >> that is psy's wife. >> killer mic, rapper winning all of these accolades and end of the year awards and best of the year list rapper. his big song all i keep saying is i am glad regan is dead. nobody cares if you crap on america or crap on american icons. remember" cop killer"? >> are you comparing apples and oranges. koreans are nuts, and their culture of protesting is like a fashion show. when rappers do it that's a whole different ball of wax.
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american rapper does it to say i hate this country. i hate white people. >> even if they are doing it to be cool, this would not be him doing a rap anti-gay marriage. it is never going to be hip. >> you know what he should do. >> to be christian or pro american which is why those are always tendencies is they have to be the hip ones. i think he should get tenure at an american campus. >> he went to boston university, but he never graduated because he was drinking too much. >> he went to boston u? >> yes. >> how little do i know about this story? i am the least equiped to talk about topic. >> his anymore name was call me psy. >> by the way, obvious truth here. would his opinion change? >> he was doing a stupid
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fashion show. >> there are plenty of things to be angry about. >> it is a real thing. i am here in front of you and i cannot drink psy any day of the week. >> what a waste of a topic or did whoa learn about something? >> we learned about how it is shaped into history. >> they say that about all heros. >> from hostility to artillery. on tuesday a burglar seen here called 9-1-1 immediately after breaking into a spring town texas home the standoff started when he awoke to an intruder at his home. he cornered the would be robber outside. >> i confirmed what he is doing in my house and he said his name is lance. i said lance what are you doing in my house?
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he said unlucky ssments he was just unlucky. >> he then snapped the perp's car keys prompting lance more to run into his pick up and lock the doors and call the authorities. >> 9-1-1, where is your emergency? >> he had his son cover him with the 12 gauge telling the boy -- >> shoot him in the legs if he gets out of the truck. shoot him with his legs. he stood up there on the porch with the shotgun where he could see him. if he would have got out i expected him to shoot him. >> somebody was going to die. he was going to try to run and i would shoot him or my step dad would shoot him. >> the real outrage was he could not stand the fact that there were wires visible on the goi's wall -- on the
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wall. >> you call it -- you take the staple gun and if you run out of cord you get more. who puts cords up on their pictures like that? joy i found it decorative. >> i wanted to like that guy. he was a real man. it is like, organize yourself. have you seen american courtrooms? they will be doing a murder trial and it is like -- the cable is going to the speakers. get organized. >> imogen you are not from here. we are not sure where. >> if this thief broke into your home in gun hating london which is how it is known, how would you defend yourself? would you throw cans of marmalade at them? >> how stupid can this guy be? everybody knows republicans are twice as likely as democrats to known a gun.
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why on earth would you boggle in texas and not expect to have somebody with lots of guns pointing at you? this guy is a muppet. >> basically what you are saying is if you are a thief go to a blue state. >> or go to england. in america there are 85 deaths from guns every day. frankly go vocal in england, not year. >> there was an article in the guardian. >> you read "the guardian"? >> it was an article telling homeowners to get that wire mesh out from the glass. thieves can cut their hands on it. >> that's how britains deal with intruders. >> in texas you can just shoot a trespasser. there is no trial or anything. >> that's just manors. >> coulter, what would bob cos
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cos -- costas have to say about this? >> wherever guns are allowed, crime goes down. >> there you go. that's all you need to know. >> now, now, now. hold on. there are 1.2 murders per 100,000 people in the uk. and 4.4 murders per 100,000 people in the uk. you know why? gay marriage. >> that is something to think about. >> check the demographics. it is not as easy as you think. >> some has to do with divorce. >> if you compare the white population we have a lower crime rate than belgium. >> who goes to belgium? i think the lesson here is -- >> more guns less crime. >> more guns less crime.
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and they should be scared. i have some research here -- no i don't. no, no, no. in florida, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, more people, blah, blah, blah, blah, guns save lives. >> because if the stats don't include the time you have a gun and it goes, you better get away from me, that doesn't make it click. >> you know what makes republicans more angry than democrats coming to get the guns? >> what? >> them not caring. most don'ts. obama is not coming for your gun. >> bob is not an elected official. >> yes he is. >> by the half hour point hoe -- he is not even awake. he gets his sugar high and he is done by the half hour. >> that's the most appalling thing i have heard. you watch that show? >> i am told it.
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>> here is my stat. out of the 1.36 million permits in florida only 165 have been revoked. that's almost everybody that owns a gun is a law abiding citizen and they do the right thing. people should be scared. criminals should be scared when they enter a home and that is a statistic that should help everybody. justin bieber is dead. yes, set against attending the grammies. can't say i blame him. first, does having kids help you livelonger? a story so important we didn't get to it last night.
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american classics will reportedly be dropped from school curriculum and more informational tech. in an effort to better prepare
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minds almost every state in the country will require that at least 77% of books studied be nonfiction. what is that? and so anyway instead of stuff like "to kill a mockingbird" students will read new classics like recommended levels of installation by the environmental protection agency and invasive plant inventory by california's invasive plant council. i belong to that, but i had to leave because they touched me. incidentally amazon customers who bought that last book bought "the joy of hate." many aren't happy about the plan with one critic saying in the end education has to be more about -- more than simply ensuring that kids can get a job. isn't it supposed to be about making well-rounded citizens? schools are reportedly also looking at replacing teachers with these.
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>> that's aned schulz joke. -- that's an ed schulz book. >> this story when i first read it i thought, i can kind of see that. i don't ever read fiction, and i can see just filling your time with nonfiction, this is a perfect example of the way the government behaves. they start out with an okay premise, and then they abandon it halfway through. they go, let's take out all of the fiction and make these guys smart with nonfiction. what kind of books? what? a book of plants and then this other book like something about an invasive species. i don't like the work part coming up with new books. >> they use bureaucratic tracks and regulations.
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they create drones, but then again, imogen, isn't it time we stop wasting time on shakespeare? it serves no purpose much like the rest of your island nation. >> these books will discourage kids from reading. and apparently 22% of adult americans have problems with readingett set raw. and literacy is helpful in the workplace. so bring back the fiction including shakespear. >> you noy he didn't write -- you know he didn't write those books? >> and it is a good idea like gavin says to prepare kids for the workplace. but is this the best way to do it? >> we need them to be able to read. you wonder why kids can't read. they are making them read all of this crap now. when ever i hear about these poor inner city schools, and they still have books from the 50s i think they are so lucky. they get to read real books and interesting history.
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no, the crap you have to read now and the pc stuff and american history and we have six pages on betty crocker because we have to cover women's achievements. give us the old books and people will start reading again. >> is betty crocker real? >> women's achievements? oxymori right, guys? >> maybe it is not as big as the founding fathers. >> with my cigar. >> you make me sick. >> i make me well. >> no, you make me sick. >> i make me well. >> you make me sick. >> i make me well. >> bill, your children don't even go to school. if they did would you want them to read the classics. >> thought about home schooling, but it was too hard. i have an x box and it keeps them in line all day. joy an x box is a giant box you drew an x on and you keep your kids in there. >> you give them a little weed and they don't know the difference. of course i was talking about the plant that gets you high. >> we have a -- what was the first thing? >> "catcher in the rye."
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"catcher in the rye" overrated. "to kill a mockingbird" why would you give a kid that? the only thing you should be reading is "eat, pray and love". those are the three rules in life and the three things that changed me, and to a close second "the secret." >> have i to tell you i would disagree with you until i saw the movie. and i thought to myself, it is amazing. it touched me. she just went off. she said, you know what, world, time for me. >> i don't know if you saw the actual guy the book is based on, but he is like a two. in the movie they got that hunky guy. >> now i get it. >> i am at a table of women here, correct? >> can we agree? >> eat, pray, love, i was not able to finish and i can finish every book. it was one of the worst books i ever read. >> you are one of the worst books i have ever read! >> me?
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>> how many times do i have to tell you, i love "eat, pray, love." >> anne, it is going to be -- it is going to turn to liberal academics. meaning it will be fiction they have to believe in. shouldn't it be how economies work? let people decide what kind of economic system they want. >> we have to destroy the public schools. textbooks now, it is like your plant book that has been written in german and then translated by a computer. it is bad writing and bad history and it is their fiction rewritten. >> that's why i like this original premise. you can get a book like oliver stone's untold history of the people of the united states, blah, blah, blah. and then take it apart. this is why this was wrong. michael money gnaw han did a great take down in the daily beast and that explains why
12:27 am
each sentence was wrong. but they never do that. >> no one would do the second part. >> how about you do rules for radicals one week and then mug the next week. >> that's way too efficient. >> fun! >> you know that tantrum we had about "eat, pray, love"? if you pick up "50 shades of gray" next time you are at a bookstore your hair will go white at how badly it is written. it shows the level of literacy in the country. "eat, pray, love" sold six million copies. >> it makes me want to throw up in my own vomit. >> that's in one of the sex scenes, the third one. >> that's why everybody should read "the joy of hate." the literacy level is for a five-year-old. i did that on purpose because that's all i know. anyway, i guess way have to take a break. look at my giant mug.
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>> actually it is a normal sized mug. >> i am a tiny person. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. and if you have a video of your animal doing something like having a giant mug, go to fox they started it now. they ran out of com. click on submit a video and we might use it. the half time report with andy levy. he is a stupid jerk. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by kite boarding. thanks kite boarding. plap
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for that we go to andy levy who is fresh from hanging out at the mall. >> you know what the thing is, greg? >> yeah. >> i make this work. >> if you had a woman in your life she would tell you you don't put a gray sweatshirt under a dark sweater. >> yes, she would. >> why not? >> she can't speak. >> you are an awful man. >> speaking of awful men, psy. >> you were in korea, andy. >> i was. you said koreans protest because they love america and they are emulating us. i can tell you when i was
12:33 am
there in the early 90s there was a lot of dislike of americans among the younger koreans. they would burn the american flagett set raw. on the other happened you were driving down the road and the old guys on the side of the road would stop and salute you. >> don't you think the flag burning was emulating 60s america? >> absolutely. i don't disagree with what you said at all. >> you have to understand basically the people who are old enough to remember the korean war and recognize north korea for what it was and is liked americans and appreciated what we had done for them, whereas the younger students had -- they had this young person's grand theory of korean reunification, and in their minds we are the ones preventing that. they don't understand that north korea is evil. only america is evil. >> i prefer to think of north korea as misunderstood.
12:34 am
>> you would make an excellent young south korean. >> thank you. hepititis must be kicking in. >> imogen, the thank thing where he did the thing with the tank, just to be clear it had nothing to do with the iraq war protest which is where he did the rap. >> there were two protests he was in trouble for. one was the tank thing and the other the rap thing with the iraq war. >> yes, i just want to make it clear those were two different things. greg gavin was correct about having an asian mistress. her name was elizabeth cooper. she was a scottish phillopina actress. >> what was her name? it was juju or coocoo or loulou. >> it is ironic that the man with the tank, general mcarthur, takes over south korea and saves the world because she in love with his chick. and then psy is emulating america by smashing a tank. it is so meta. >> what does meta mean?
12:35 am
>> it is something you say after you make a poimt. elizabeth cooper by mcarthur brought her from the fill -- philippines to the u.s. >> dimples. dimples was her name. >> all right. she still died of an overdose of barbiturates. >> way to bring it down, andy. >> imagine the sex though. if it can make you stay in a war for how many years? wow. >> men fight wars over love. >> maybe it has rotated or something. >> stop it, andy, or bill or gavin or whatever your name is. you made me lose track of the name. that's why i have a list of names. >> let's talk about psy's apology. it is contradictory. first he says he is deeply sorry for how these lyrics are being interpreted. and then later he says he deeply regrets the inflammatory and inappropriate language he used.
12:36 am
>> he did not write the apology and that's what upsets me. i don't care about apologies. if you are going to do it, write your own apology. >> but i do think, greg, i think we should give him the benefit of the doubt when he says he is sorry about how the lyrics are interpreted. it is a stretch to say kill those fing yankees. as meaning kill the fing yankees and daughters in law and fathers. you are stretching. >> andy if i may, he could be a red sox fan. >> have i seen somewhere else where -- i have seen where yankee is a bad translation and it should be a b-word. >> the bo -- the boston red sox? >> anne, you brought up the fact that when they were talking about -- i think gavin had a really good point saying when psy was doing this he was being fashionable. >> greg might have said that. >> maybe it was me. >> i think gavin -- yes.
12:37 am
>> and anne, you brought up the fact that he never would have done an anti-gay marriage rap. that raises a poi tbh t if he had -- point, if he had done a rap eight years ago or a homophobic rap, liberals would not be dismissing this. >> and unlike my cold hearted fellow pam list, i think his apology is lovely. even he apologized for having a rap that is anti-gay marriage. that would not be accepted. >> i come ploatly agree. i completely agree. >> imogen, everybody knows republicans are twice as likely as democrats and this guy was an idiot for breaking into texas. >> it is a red state. >> it may flip to no longer bowing a red state. >> how big is austin? >> that's about it.
12:38 am
>> there are no condoms in austin. >> some are historically registered. >> that's the thing. they are not a democrat from texas and not from massachusetts. >> it is historic. >> i was talking in terms of party idea. i have really nothing else to say. that family is a bunch of heros. >> and i don't mind the wiring, gavin. >> it doesn't drive you insane? >> no, i give them a pass. >> every day they are looking at a line on the wall. 23* a kid did that with a sharpy he would be grounded for a month. >> it reminds them where they came from. >> where, radioshack? >> i have no idea what that meant. >> it is so easy to do. it is on the base board and over the plug. >> but it is not a big deal,
12:39 am
gavin. >> i am going to say something right now. if you have a tv and it is mounted on the wall and you don't put the wires into the wall and then come out the bottom again, you are not a man. if your wires hang down and go into the plug you are a lady. >> i by the way would like to point out that i am a lady. >> put some -- it takes 20 minutes. >> it takes 20 minutes less to not do it. >> that right there what i just said about the 20 minutes is exactly why my grades in college sucked. >> i can't believe we devoted half the show to wiring. >> it seemed to be a big deal to gavin and quite frankly more interesting than anything else you said. >> and it is not just in
12:40 am
homes. it is in workplace. >> i have never seen it before. you are making this up. >> watch any court show and you will be more tau fight. mortified. >> i have never seen that except in that video. >> i wouldn't be surprised if there are hanging wires here. >> there is none. these guys are pros. >> i am going to keep my mouth shut and let andy take the heat for this one. >> here is the other reason i spent so much time on this. "the catcher in the rye" story, it sounded like bs to me. >> the what story? >> "the catcher in the rye" dropped from curriculum and everything? >> yes. >> i went to the common core standard initiative website, the place that is supposedly doing this, and here is what thisy say. what they say, they are not getting roughed anything orie placing it with anything. -- or replacing it with anything. it is just so boring to read. they are not suggesting any
12:41 am
specific things be read or not read. they only have suggestions and all they are saying is they want students to read and analyze and write nonfiction. the story is complete bs. >> so why didn't they bring that up before the show? >> i didn't find it out until you gois were talking about it. >> do i have to do everything. i am doing two shows. >> so. >> and i did greta. >> i don't care. >> i don't have time. >> neither do i. >> i don't even read this stuff. >> exactly. >> you are supposed to read it. >> i did read it. >> no you didn't. you just read it now. >> and that's my job. >> then hide it. when you read it, then hide it. >> you want this to be like the wires. >> i do want it to be like the wires. >> i am saying no the wires need to be exposed, dam it. >> that topic is a valid topic. there are classes being dropped from curriculums and they are rewriting them. we hear about these poor homes. they only have one book and
12:42 am
the tv is almost as big as the -- >> the cords are everywhere. books are cheap. >> the nonfiction stuff that they put as examples of stuff is "letter on thomas jefferson" and win sean churchill's address to parliament and patrick henry's speech to the second convention. awful stuff, guys. i'm done. >> you are. wow. >> yelling at me for doing my job will not get you anywhere, gutfeld. >> i realize that. go away. rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens. bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. imogen lloyd webber discusses why these are a few of her favorite things to force feed a person. but first should the federal government sue over legalized pot.
12:43 am
we report and you hang glide.
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could they scrub the victory for bud? they are considering legal moves against washington and colorado, two states. it could foil initiatives legalizing marming marg. pot is still -- marijuana. pot is still illegal nationally. and they are wondering how they can respond to the giant clouds of smoke emanating from the state. one option is to sue them on the grounds that weed violates federal law. but it would be a slap in the face to the president's pro pot base. said one polly sy professor, it is a sticky i cany wicket. they said, quote, no take backs. for more on this let's go to a helpful parrot.
12:47 am
>> at least kathy griffin is useful. and you are high right now. >> well, obviously federal law as we all know prevails over state law. so they can just keep enforcing their own law and prosecute them in federal court. >> she is a lawyer. >> and the good news is the twinkie is coming to bankruptcy. >> if anybody had to turn it over it would be obama. what say you and why the weird face? >> i am concentrating. obama wasn't just a pot smoker like clinton he was a pothead. you couldn't breathe if you
12:48 am
went into his dorm room. you would die. you would have to wear an fdny mask. it is particularly galling he is doing this. who is surprised? who was surprised when washington state and colorado said we are making it legal. charles lynch, the name sake of the word lynch, same name, the old charles lynch started the name, lynching -- >> what are you getting at? >>en tau monthly gee slows you down. >> what is your point? >> he was selling legal marijuana in california and everything was could cool and groove vee and then he looks at a sentence of 100 years. and there was another guy who happened to have a gun on him. he has 55 years in jail. the judge said it was ridiculous he had to serve this much time. all-americans agree this law is ridiculous. we have a weed head president
12:49 am
who used to smoke so much pot you could get high talking to him. the pro prohibition will not end. >> if it doesn't end now it will never end. what are the laws in britten it. do you have laws ? >> we don't have any laws. it is incredibly hipocritical of him. and it will not play well with his base. one in three americans have tried and five million americans smoke pot every day. it will earn $600 million for infro struck tour and schools. for infrastructure and schools. i don't think he can do this. . >> bill, you have 30 seconds to say something meaning less. >> obama is on a bind if he doesn't enforce it it will be week. if he dozen force. it the democrats for lack of a better phrase will say stop harshing my buzz, man. >> i am just kidding. there are lots of better phrases than that. time to take a break. when we come back, we have another story that you are
12:50 am
going to adore.
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last topic. can having kids help you livelonger? danish scientists, aren't they all, think the early death rates have something to do
12:54 am
with increased risky behavior. so does drinking and drug use linked to infertility. and kids make you livelonger because they ruin your life. gavin, you were saying in the green room how much you hate your kids. does this change your thinking now that you know you will livelonger? >> i love my kids. it breaks my heart that my peers would think a woman giving birth are giving up their opportunities. they made their lives miserable. they talk to their dogs like their children. having a child is a joy. seeing a kid in a batman costumes with his bear feet sticking out saying how he will kill bane, heaven on earth, the punk unicorn. every day they give me wonderful gifts. i want to cry when i think of all of the people who don't have it. >> misery loves company. i hear that when they are with their wives or their wives are watching. but then i go to their wedding and what do i hear when they get in the corner?
12:55 am
feed me. get me out of this living hell. these people #r* succeeding the life -- are suking the life out of me. i think she is seeing the post man. >> we we are all miserable and we all hate our marriages. is that what you are saying? >> try hugging a two-year-old. >> no, i will get arrested. >> you people with children spend way too much time justifying your -- yourselves. >> it was a question. i never brought it up. >> it goes on and on and on and moreover the study is nonsense. they only looked at people that went to ivf clinics. it is like asking if someone spends lots of money and is willing to risk their health to get something and then don't get it, will they be unhappy? it wasn't like a general study of the population. >> you are lucky, i don't think i have time. you can have one sentence. >> sorry i don't want to paint
12:56 am
more of a picture. it won't be good. don't have a natural childbirth. >> bill, are you looking more and more like richard lewis before he died. >> i need a haircut. >> they are not going to show him. there you go. he looks like richard lewis before he died. we will close things out with a post game wrap up.
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
what happened three years ago friday? >> it was my first ever appearance on "red eye" and the show has changed my life. a massive thank you to everybody here and also to the

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